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Comming Soon: Remote Query

Post by Klaudiusz » Wed May 08, 2019 8:52 am

Imagine a situation, where you can treat server as database and you can retrieve data exactly in the same way as from database.

Code: Select all

    private @Autowired MyRemoteServer remote;
    public void myCode(){
        for (User user:Select.from(remote,tabUser)
  "Handle: "+user.getFirstName()+" "+user.getLastName());
This approach is very handly. You don't need specified REST endoints at all. All query is visible instantly into the code.
No server endpoind or client conenctor is needed at all.
Also, you can for example sort data by order by current needs.

It's definatelly possible with Daobab, and soon will be available.

Server may be connected directly to database and can has internal in-memory buffers, so that query execution can be ultra fast and database connection load will be minimal.

Also, on the client site you may also create BufferedTarget over RemoteServerTarget so that you can manage an internal in memomy buffer fulfilled remotelly.


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